Bathing has been steeped in tradition and culture since ancient Egyptian times.

As the story goes Queen Kleopatra VII Bathed in donkey milk as a beauty treatment.
Along with the story of the 500 asses’ milk for the bath of the Roman empress Poppea Sabina (wife of Nero), which is well attested by both Cassius Dio (LXII, XXVIII, I) and Caius Plinius Secundus Maior (NH Libri XI & XXVIII).

Here are my top 25 luxurious and unique tubs (+ one shower ;p )

Costing a cool $790,000 and created by Baldi – this bathtub is more than worth its weight in gold. Created from a single block of what is easily the purest and perhaps largest block of white rock crystal, the stone was transported to Italy entirely intact. It was only in Italy that the 10 ton stone was sculpted to create a bathtub that is 2 meters in length and 55cm in heightThe stone was discovered by Paolo Baldi in the Amazon region who was convinced that no better bathtub could be created.
Daughter of F1 stalwart Bernie Ecclestone, Billionaire Heiress Tamara Ecclestone, has purchased the Crystal tub. It cost her a cool $1.5 million but she justifies the cost since she likes to spend a lot of time in her bath. The actual cost of the tub would have been$790k but the price also includes the cost of freight, re-enforcing the floors to her London mansion as well as flying in the craftsmen to install as well as polish the crystal to perfection.

Rose Quartz Bathtub mined from the Norcross-Madagascar quarry, costing $27k

Splinter Works Vessel – Hammock Bath Tub
From UK-based design studio, dubbed the Vessel, drawing its inspiration from a suspended hammock and taking advantage of the strength that yields from high tech material such as carbon fiber, the team has created an unique bathtub that will literally elevate your bathing experience. finally, stainless steel hardware and gold leaf are added to further improved its overall aesthetic.

Pure Copper bath tub; the copper has been said to have beautifying properties.

Each Nith Wooden Boat Bath is individually and painstakingly crafted using teak polished to a rich lustre. It might not surprise you to learn therefore that the vessels are actually made by a highly skilled Scottish boat builder.

With an experience of over 30 years, Bathrooms International have recently launched their luxury stone bath, The Papillon that retails for a staggering $57,000. This bespoke freestanding bath is exquisitely hand carved from a large block of stone by master craftsmen.

It is from ‘Stone Forest’ and is hand-crafted out of natural stone.

Classic and timeless, this bath is a water-wonderland

The I-Sopod Floatation Tank is an Oversized Jacuzzi. Have you ever wanted to just float around in crystal-clear waters in a spa and be free of all your worries? Well, now you can do that at home with the I-Sopod Floatation Tank. This futuristic shuttle aims to be the best place to rejuvenate and revive your body, mind and soul.
The I-Sopod has a variety of features that make laying in it a whole lot better than laying in a bathtub. Design-wise, the I-Sopod boasts a modern, state-of-the-art architectural form that comes in a variety of colors to suit your style. The tank also features built-in ambient lighting and an audio system, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while relaxing and reconditioning your body.

This bath has gone on sale at Harrod’s — with a £530,000 price tag. The carved rock crystal tub is made from a slab of rare natural material excavated from the Amazon. It has been created for a company called Baldini by designer Luca Bojola.

Mordern clear bath featuring an in-built fish tank.

This amethyst bathtubs and sinks are built entirely out of amethyst, a semi-precious stone. The combination of golden accent and natural color of this beautiful stone makes a perfect choice for you who are looking for luxurious decorative bathroom. Amethyst stone in the past has been regarded as one of the most precious gemstone along with diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald.

The Glass bath; Le Cob bath designed by Joseph Licciardi and produced by Omvivo.

The ‘SwayBath’ is a suspended bath that features a showerhead directly above the tub and a drain directly below, the flooding flow of water is very therapeutic. Made of silicone, the Swaybath wraps around and molds to the body shape and size of whoever is in it. This idea comes from the closed comfort of the womb.

Featuring a custom spa built right into the rock as well as a sauna. The architecture is dramatic, private, and serene, respecting the natural surroundings all the while providing amazing Feng Shui.


Traditional Japanese wooden barrel bath

The luxury whirlpool tub from Italian company BluBleu.

The Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub is definitely on the luxurious side of life. Baldi is an Italian company that is known for using precious metals when creating its home furniture, such as bathtubs lamps and vases.
The Rock Crystal Bathtub is a huge 3-person tub that was “carved out of a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest.” The actual rock took about three months to excavate! The bathtub can also double as a beautiful sculpture, giving you a multipurpose bathroom!

diamond Swarovski bathtub. C.P. Hart have produced a bathroom piece dripping with diamond shaped Swarovski crystals. Designed for Belgium manufacturer, Aquamass and manufactured from Crystalplant, the bath measures 1700mm in length by 870mm wide. The internal depth is 490mm with a water capacity of 200 liters. The Diamond Strass Swarovski bath, shown here in black, is also available in white.

A strictly limited edition – the Corcel Carbon Fiber Bathtub is probably one of the first baths to use carbon fiber as a construction material.The Corcel bathtub though is handcrafted and does give you significant boasting rights qoing chiefly to its high price tag of $72,000 and a limited edition run of a mere 51 units world wide. A stand alone faucet that has been especially designed for the bathtub completes the stunning visual to any entrant to your bathroom.

The EAU Soaking Tub from Stone Forest. This magnificent Japanese-style
soaking tub is hand-carved from a single piece of Carrara Marble and makes for a stunning visual statement.

Large tub featuring a waterfall shower above, with an ocean view.

Designer Ethan Lai has put a radical new spin on the bathing with his 90 Degree bathtub design. The 90 Degree bathtub is a stand-up bathtub that also functions as a shower and a steamer.The 90 Degree bathtub can fit one and releases its water from a shower head. The design has touch controls that let users choose between the three different bathing styles offered. Small vent holes at the top of the chamber release steam to ensure that you can still see yourself through the steam. The 90 Degree bathtub was designed for the Roca Competition and is meant to be used in the near future when cramped conditions force humans to do everything while standing upright.

The Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium Sprinkles Stars and Light; A waterproof globe that floats in water, the Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium projects a stunning array of stars on the walls and even within the bathtub when flipped over. With two settings, you can enjoy either a Rose Bath and Deep Ocean experience. Priced at $129, it is a unique gadget for the bathroom.

This may not be a bath but this is about as luxurious as it gets; The Dornbracht Horizontal Shower


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