Unusual Albino Animals

Albinism in animals is a genetic condition resulting in beautiful all white fur or skin, just like the animals pictured below.

Albino animals are very rare in nature, and man has been fascinated with these creatures since ancient times. Albino animals have sparked great tales of legends and folklore with some cultures regarding albinos as sacred. Some believe Albino animals bring good luck, health and fortune.

Below are my top 10 gorgeous Albino creatures.

1. Majestic Albino Lion

2. The rare albino ruby-throated hummingbird

3. Albino Kiwi, native to New Zealand

4. Albino Alligator

5. Albino male Peacock, showing off for the ladies

6. Albino Zebra

7. Adorable white Lion Cub yawning

8. Beautiful White whale. Believed by some to bring good luck if you spot one.

9. Albino squirrel foraging for nuts


10. This little turtle really stands out from the crowd!

Bonus – Albino Kangaroo from my homeland Australia


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